At Little Forno our goal is to present our guests with an experience that ties together great atmosphere, wine, and of course exceptional food, sourced from trusted farms. Presented by two cousins with a passion for hospitality.



Stephen Gonzalez

Chef/ Owner 

Stephen has always had a passion for cooking. Starting in his Grandparents kitchen in Brooklyn cooking Sunday meals for the family. Those dinners are what sparked his interest and passion into hospitality. Sharing a meal with friends and family around a table is something he truly enjoys.  

      Starting off in Long Island, He worked in small cafes, but he knew he always wanted to make the jump to NYC. He enrolled and graduated from ICE in Manhattan. upon graduation he started an externship at Craft, and eventually moved on to Craftbar. There he worked his way up from Garde Manger to Chef Di Cuisine. Working under experienced Chefs (Tom Colicchio, Lauren Hirschberg, Luke Wallace) Stephen was able to refine his cooking skills and vastly expand his food knowledge. It wasn’t until he became Chef Di Cuisine, and immersed himself into running a kitchen that he knew he wanted a restaurant of his own. Little Forno is years of hard work and passion coming together. 


Christopher Salmonese

General Manager/ Owner

Christopher has always been drawn to hospitality. Chris and Stephen grew up with Grandparents who seemed to live for Sunday dinners with the family. Although he has a great love of food, his passion was always based around people. He enjoyed taking care of friends and family, as long as they were enjoying themselves he would as well. This internal desire drove him throughout his career. Whether it was his early days in retail or his time now in hospitality giving guests a memorable experience is meaningful to him. Chris has worked his way all the way from a busser to server, and now manager in the hospitality industry, and he knew long ago that opening a restaurant of his own was always the end game. This collaboration with Stephen is dream for the both of them becoming a reality.